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Incident Response

Sensilla is best positioned prior to an Incident Response scenario as an Incident Avoidance system, but in the event that a Security Incident occurs, it has an important role to play in expediting the restoration of services.

In addition to firewall logs and some sort of host management system, internal visibility into what is moving around in the network is critical to solving ongoing infections. Sensilla is, therefore, a fundamental element in avoiding incidents but if one were to occur it is imperative as it allows the scope of the incident to be understood more quickly and provides visibility into active spread, privilege escalation, and/or reinfection as it occurs.

IR toolkit

Sensilla provides Incident Prevention & Incident Response

Having a toolkit in place that can be leveraged during an incident is important, but having a system that can help prevent that incident from happening in the first place is even more important.

Sensilla gives organizations the opportunity to perform ongoing Cyber Hygiene to eliminate weak spots in the security systems' defences as well as continuously monitoring / detecting vulnerabilities that, if addressed, will help avoid sucessful attacks from ever gaining a foothold.

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